Working on the new site

I have been trying to get my site back up and running for a few months now. I had been playing with Joomla, but was not getting very far with it. I finally decided to switch to WordPress, which seems to be much easier to work with and modify.

6 thoughts on “Working on the new site”

  1. Hi mitch,

    I’ve been working on Joomla based web site for 9 months, and it’s great but takes me a lot of effort to build template, and the content. Is the WorkPress easier to create?


  2. Hey Peter,

    I had been using Joomla for a few months and finally gave up and decided to use WordPress and had this site up and running in a few hours.

    Joomla does a lot more. But, it you just need to make a Blog with some extra static pages I would highly recommend WordPress.

  3. hey mitch, cool new site. i’ve started looking into AS 3.0 and boy is it different. have you started playing with it at all yet? any good resources you’ve run across besides adobe’s site?


  4. I haven’t played with AS 3.0 yet. It just came and I don’t have a copy of the new Flash yet. Hopefully I will get a copy pretty soon and get started.

    I did get the Actionscript 3.0 Cookbook. Which looks like it has a lot of information to get me started.

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