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WordPress – jQuery

WordPress will load jQuery automatically without you having to add the files yourself. I’ve seen a different methods, some of which do not always work. Here’s the method I use that seems to work reliably. The following would be added to your functions.php file. If… is a new JS library that is a very cool and inspiring. From my cursory investigation I’ll present my thoughts on The goal of is to create a graphical engine that renders elements to the browser more efficiently than current techniques. At…

Native or HTML5?

Native or HTML5? Starting a new project, you’re likely to explore what would be the correct platform as a first step. Javascript has a lot of buzz right now. There seems to be a movement to do everything in the Javascript language. At the moment…

AngularJS – intro

AngularJS is a Javascript framework from Google. It’s goal is to display data in a web page based on the MVC, and related paradigms. It was built with the idea of being able to make the connections between, data and UI, apparent and easy to…

Games in HTML5?

Not only does this answer the question posed in the title, the article gives a great overview of all of the technologies that are involved.

Tile based games with JS

Hmm, this looks pretty interesting. There seems to be a lot of talk of games in HTML5 these days.

Browser developer tools

Here’s an article on all of the ins and out of using the browser developer tools. If you want to make web sites this information will only make it easier!

What's new in Firefox 6 Looks like some new interesting things. Looks Firefox now supports touch events.

JQuery UI and JQTouch

On a current project I wanted to use the JQuery UI Slider in a JQTouch project. Turns out that Mobile Safari rewires all of the standard JS events. Think about it. A standard mouseDown event on mobile device has more implications. Did a user want…

LESS is it more?

Someone just brought LESS to my attention. LESS is a Javascript library that extends the functionality of CSS. LESS effectively adds variables and functions to your CSS. Usng LESS you can define variables and apply mathematical functions to your values in your stylesheets. For more…