Cocoa – Creating View Controllers from Code

Starting with an Empty Application, you have a program that contains a single class: AppDelegate and no storyboard. How do you build an application from this? Ignoring main.m and other esoteric code, your application begins at application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions. When this method is called, your application has an…

Objective-C – Delegates and Protocols

The delegate design pattern creates a system wherein one object passes work to another object. The first object stores a reference to another object, it’s delegate, and calls methods in the delegate object. To make this system work there are two problems to solve. First. the main…

Designing for Mobile

Here are few articles on designing for mobile.

Object-C – Singleton

Singleton is a design pattern that guarantees that only a single instance of a class exists at any time. Singleton classes are good for Models and Datasources. The singleton is a great partner with a UITableView as the datasource for the tableview. In the header…

Cocoa – UITableView

These are a  few notes on creating the UITableView. Understand at the time of writing this, I’m a total beginner, so take everything here with a grain salt, and an once of skepticism. The purpose of writing this is to settle subject in my own brain….

Apple HIG – Branding

I see many apps that look like web sites. These often feel the need to brand themselves with a logo and company name in the title bar. Or they present the company logo in a splash screen. An app is not a web site. Apps…

Human Interface Design Guidelines

Apple published a book called the Human Interface Design Guidelines. This covers everything about how to design computer interfaces. I had a print copy some years ago. You can now read it online. It covers everything from color to working with text in different languages….

Native or HTML5?

Native or HTML5? Starting a new project, you’re likely to explore what would be the correct platform as a first step. Javascript has a lot of buzz right now. There seems to be a movement to do everything in the Javascript language. At the moment…

Rocket Cat!

It’s very inspiring to read that a registered nurse, a pizza delivery guy, their pal can make such fantastic games. I recommend you download Punch Quest and give it a try. Read them here.