Parse Swift with Cocoapods

  1. Xcode new project
  2. Terminal CD to project directory
  3. Open your Podfile with: open -a Xcode Podfile
  4. Uncomment Frameworks, and add Parse, and ParseUI to do. Should look something like this:
  5. # Uncomment this line to define a global platform for your project
    # platform :ios, '8.0'
    # Uncomment this line if you're using Swift
    target 'SpringShowApp' do
    pod 'Parse'
    pod 'ParseUI'
  6. Quit Xcode
  7. In terminal: pod install
  8. When Terminal is finished, open your project from the ProjectName.xcworkspace. From this point on, you will need to open the project from this file!

Swift – Send SMS Messages

Sending SMS messages in Swift is very easy. You can add the capability to any app with a few lines of code.

Note: This will not work in the simulator, as the simulator doesn’t support SMS messages!

Step 1: Import MessageIU

Add the following to the top of your ViewController.

import MessageUI

Step 2: Add the Protocol

Add the MFMessageComposeViewControllerDelegate your ViewController definition. 

Step 3: Conform to the protocol

Conform to the MFMessageComposeControllerDelegate by adding defining the:

messageComposeViewController:didFinishWithResult method. It might look something like:

func messageComposeViewController(controller: MFMessageComposeViewController, didFinishWithResult result: MessageComposeResult) {
    switch result.rawValue {
    case MessageComposeResultCancelled.rawValue :
        print("message canceled")
    case MessageComposeResultFailed.rawValue :
        print("message failed")
    case MessageComposeResultSent.rawValue :
        print("message sent")
    controller.dismissViewControllerAnimated(true, completion: nil)

You can omit the switch statement. The switch statement provides some feedback to you on the status of the message. Use this to notify your user when a message fails, or is canceled. Or omit if this is unimportant.

Step 3: Open the Message View controller

func sendMessage() {
    let messageVC = MFMessageComposeViewController()
    messageVC.body = "Message string"
    messageVC.recipients = [] // Optionally add some tel numbers
    messageVC.messageComposeDelegate = self
    // Open the SMS View controller
    presentViewController(messageVC, animated: true, completion: nil)