SWFObject, if you haven’t heard of it already is a really great little javascript that simplifies the process of embedding your swf files in an html page. This is a huge improvement over the default systems provided Publishing from Flash or Dreamweaver.

The method provided by the Publish settings in Flash and Insert > Media > Flash in Dreamweaver work just fine, but they leave you with a huge Javascript mess in your HTML page. SWFObject provides a clean and organized system that works well and provides a few extra perks.

You can download SWFObject here: http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/

SWFObject is contained in a single small Javascript file. I have been using the latest version (at the time I wrote this it was 2.2) and it seems to work well.

You can write the code for yourself following the documentation on the site listed above. Or use the code generator here: http://www.bobbyvandersluis.com/swfobject/generator/index.html

I had some trouble getting Flash to display 100% width and height. But this was sorted after a short Google search. Turns out the following styles are required:

html, body {
 background-color: #616264;
 overflow: hidden;
#flashcontent {

Note, without overflow:hidden you end up seeing the scroll bars and the page scrolls about 5px. This was very confusing, you would figure that 100% height would make everything the size of the browser rather than a little larger?