Some More AS3 Exmaples, Loader Class

Here are a few examples that use the Loader class to load other SWFs into a main SWF. Here I planned each of the loaded SWFs around it’s own Document class. So, the Actionscript that runs each movie is contained in a document class for that SWF. This method seemed to work pretty well. The loaded movies in this don’t really do anything. But, they each contain something happening going on with Actionscript, which is stored in the Document Class for each SWF.

More AS3 Examples

One thought on “Some More AS3 Exmaples, Loader Class”

  1. This is the example file that I’ve been looking for. I am trying to do another website [my own] and not very good at CS4 Flash/AS3. I can tell this will be of great help. Thanks a lot!

    You definitely have some FANTASTIC stuff here! Keep up the great work!! I’ll be reading your ‘blog’ from now on. That’s for sure!!


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