Spritesomething – iPad/iPhone app

Here’s a great app for drawing pixel art on your iPhone/iPod and iPad.


I highly recommend this. I have been playing with it for hours the last few weeks. It’s really fun and easy to use. It includes a lot o great features for making games. Draw anywhere you have iPhone/iPod and or iPad, at the cafe on the train or on the bus. Draw a quick icon of a beer bottle or martini glass at the pub with your drink as a model! Draw a quick pixel art portrait of your favorite bartender with one hand and your *drink in the other. (I don’t recommend drawing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. All references to drinks in this article are fruit juice only.)


Flash on iDevices?

This looks like a pretty interesting alternative method to get Flash on the iPhone and iPad. From what I have read it sounds like it’s slower that regular Flash especially when it comes to interactive stuff like games. At this point it’s probably good for ads.

Smokescreen seems to take an SWF and convert into an SVG file and ad some javascript, so the end results are compatible with iPhone and and iPad.


Thanks to Karaminder for pointing me to this.

iPad a distribution channel?


An interesting look at the iPad. The suggestion is that Flash on the iPhone would reduce the exclusivity of the device. Developers working with Flash, if it were available on the iPad/Phone, could be making apps for all of the devices that support Flash. By only allowing Apple approved languages on the i devices apps for the devices will only appear there.

Thanks to James for this link.